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  Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Professional Reading Shelf: A Special Issue of "Information Research" Devoted to Semantic Web [The Virtual Acquisition Shelf & News Desk]

Librarians may be particularly interested in The Semantic Web, universalist ambition and some lessons from librarianship by Terrance A. Brooks, from the Information School, University of Washington. 

This article ties in with the third plenary presentation at AALL, Weaving Meaning: The Semantic Web, presented by Eric Miller, the Semantic Web Activity Lead at W3C. After a very engaging and informative presentation, Dr Miller concluded by discussing the need for librarians to get involved in this area. The presentation was very well attended, but the need for more information was clear.  At one point, he asked how many in the audience knew what RSS was; I think mine was the only hand raised (and frankly, I just know what it does, not really what it is).  I hope that changes by this time next year.

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Here are three articles I recently sent to my boss and supervisor to help explain what I'm doing.  I originally got the links from various sources; I know I got the first one from Dave Winer, but I've forgotten or there were multiple sources for the others.

Good explanatory article on blogging from Megnut. The only complaint I have is that the article primarily deals with more personal blogs than I envision the work one being.  Here's another more business oriented article from WorldCom. Finally, here's a chapter from a soon to be published book about blogs, on Using Blogs in Business.

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Here's my article on blogging for the MALL (Minnesota Association of Law Libraries) newsletter. [explodedlibrary.info]

This took me way longer than I intended to post.  It's a good basic article on blogging.  BTW, note that explodedlibrary.info has moved to a new location:  http://blogs.salon.com/0001404/.

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Article about law library web sites. Kent Milunovich, Designing and Maintaining Law Library Web Sites: Some Practical Considerations, 94 L. Lib. J. 487 (2002)

I know some people don't like links to pdf files, but there's no alternative here - and anyway, the link is for my benefit for when my paper copy gets lost in the clutter. [explodedlibrary.info]

Looks like a useful summary.  I don't mind pdf files, either.

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