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  Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Rick Klau asked this morning about adding paragraph numbers to blog posts. 

Why? Thanks to an e-mail from reader Edward Chiu, I realized that there's really no way for researchers to adequately cite to blogs. This is a big deal in the legal world, and I imagine it would have applicability in broader academia as well. If I write a law review article, I need to tell the reader where I got a fact/opinion/etc. In order to do so, the norm is to simply identify the publication, the author, etc. and the page number.

But with electronic writing, you don't have page numbers. And in the legal profession, there is a strong push to identify "pin-point" cites. If you have a long post with dozens of paragraphs, it's hard for someone to identify the source of the particular assertion.

. . . I think if there were a way to automatically add paragraph numbers to posts, it would make it easier for anyone citing to blogs. This would eliminate one potential barrier to acceptance in academic research, and go just a bit further to legitimizing blogs as a communication medium. Even though blogs are in some way time-sensitive, it's not hard to imagine something on a blog being useful down the road in a research setting. (In fact, I think blogs may be invaluable as a way of capturing background information on subjects that may not make it into more traditional, formal publications. But that's a different subject.)

There's some stuff that needs to happen under the hood as well. Instead of providing hypertext anchosrs to the individual post, you'd want to tie the anchor to the post and to the paragraph. That wouldn't be hard - just something to contemplate as we build it.

Unfortunately, I can define the spec but don't know the first thing about programming in Radio. Ideally, this would be supported in other blog platforms like Blogger and Movable Type. I'd love to work with someone on this. Anyone else have thoughts on the usefulness or necessity of this?

I totally agree with Rick on this, but like him know nothing about programming. If blogs are going to be as big as we think in the future, we need to start planning for this type of thing now, rather than a year or two down the road so we can capture the information.

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Professor Brian Leiter's newest version of Educational Quality Rankings of U.S. Law Schools, for 2000-2002, is up on the web. These rankings differ from those from U.S. News & World Reports by emphasizing the quality of the faculty, of the students, and of the teaching. One nice result is that state law schools get more credit than private schools. Arizona is ranked 27th on this list versus 40 on US News & World Report's list.
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