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  Thursday, August 22, 2002

Via explodedlibrary.info:

Welcome back to our law students. I know some people in libraries, administration and faculty say that campus (and their jobs) are nicer without you, but I don't agree. You are the reason we're here. In addition I like the enthusiasm and the bustle and I'm glad that the academic summer is over - all of its "summer projects" make it more stressful than the rest of the year.

Our reference desk has been unstaffed during the summer, but it's opening again today and I'm about to head out to it. Remember, no question is too trivial or silly for a librarian. We're here to help you, not to grade you. We should be able to answer your question, help you answer your question, or point you to the resources you need.

Frankly, I love dealing with law students (well, except the crazy ones), especially after first year when they realize that what we've been telling them about legal research is important after all. I just wish they took more advantage of us.  Someday they will wish they had and we might not be available.  As for summer projects, why is it that we keep saying "I'll get that done over the summer."  Then things happen and, boom! summer's over.  I'm not sure what I got done this summer other than starting this blog.  Oh, well. Now that I'm working one night a week, maybe I can get some of those projects done.

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Following up on my recent post concerning shrinkwrap licenses for books and UCITA, two recent articles have come to my attention.  The first, Academic Library Groups Still Oppose Modified Software-Licensing Act, is from the Chronicle of Higher Education. The other is a column by Ed Foster, the guy who wrote the article about shrinkwrap book licenses. It's called License to Hide and is a good summary of what happened this summer at the NCCUSL meeting here in Tucson. Both articles contain links to more info about UCITA.
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