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Tuesday, February 11, 2003
Hometown CyberSabotage
This article in the Deseret News talks about the damage that a system administrator can cause to an organization.
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XML and Product Management

Yesterday's Happy Birthday XML! announcement from OASIS.

A must read for egovernment product managers is DM Review's article Easing Integration with Web Services.  Even if you may not need to understand the technology in depth, you need to know what it's about and what it can help you accomplish.  This article may help you to do that.

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Open Source Electronic Filing

Rory Perry points to the National Center for State Courts' Open Source Electronic Filing Demonstration Project.  This is good stuff that can serve as a model not only for the courts, but for all kinds of other governmental functions that require document filing.  A good example is environmental quality for things like RCRA, superfund, and underground storage tank management - operations that require extensive document filing and tracking.  There is so much data in those areas that could potential prove useful for other things or for local and federal consumers of the data.

The project goals include:

  • Create an expandable and customizable system through use of open source code.
  • Demonstrate support for CourtXML / OASIS LegalXML filing standards.
  • Demonstrate support of the W3C SOAP XML communications standard (to connect commercial and advanced systems).
  • Demonstrate the use of free Linux, Apache, Perl, and MySQL software in a court application.

I wonder why I've never subscribed to the Oasis newsfeed.


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