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Thursday, November 07, 2002
A good way to dive into quantum information science

A Scientific American feature article suggests that "an exciting new fundamental discipline of research combines information science and quantum mechanics... Quantum information science is new enough that researchers are still coming to grips with its very nature, and they disagree about which questions lie at its heart. This article presents my personal view that the central goal of quantum information science is to develop general principles, like the laws of entanglement, that will enable us to understand complexity in quantum systems..." [missingmatter: the other 95% of the universe.]

Michael Nielsen, the author of the article, co-wrote the excellent introductory book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information. Note that in the quantum information processing context, the term "complexity" usually means "computational complexity inherent in problems" and has little to do with the other kind of complexity (as in "the study of complex systems"). I find both topics extremely interesting, though.

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Simon Cameron. "An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought." [Quotes of the Day]
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HOWTO Encourage Women in Linux. A recent addition to the Linux Documentation Project's HOWTO collection sets out to tackle a seldom-acknowledged problem in the Linux community: women who use or are interested in Linux are often discouraged from getting involved in the community and/or learning more, by the attitudes they encounter. More generally, the same problem also applies in computing generally, the author argues. []

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Free Online Scholarship becomes an overtly recognized threat

In today's Chronicle of Higher Education Scott Carlson reports on a PR campaign by scholarly publishers designed "in part, to quash a newfound enthusiasm among some librarians for self-publishing research results online, a practice that lets scholars bypass slow, costly academic journals."

According to Marc Brodsky, CEO of the American Institute of Physics, the campaign will focus on the advantages of publishing in traditional priced journals: "money for marketing, the prestige of a well-known journal, the expertise and mediation of an editor, and the management of peer review." (PS: As if open-access journals are not peer-reviewed, lack editors, need marketing, or cannot be prestigious. Is this the best argument priced journals have? Stay tuned for details on the campaign itself and other signs that the FOS movement is succeeding.) [FOS News]

Many scientists are still unaware that they would benefit from distributing their papers for free and of how easy it has become. Since the main problem in moving towards Free Online Scholarship is raising scientists' awareness of that possibility, the commercial publishers are in all likeliness helping speed up the transition with campaigns such as this. Way to go!

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The Rockefeller Foundation has launched a three-year initiative to support the emergence of IP policies fairer to poor people and developing countries. [FOS News]

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How To Pick Eagles.

All available research indicates that the ability of a manger to predict how a future employee will perform, based upon a one hour interview, is very low. [read more] [Tony Bowden: Understanding Nothing]

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David Gelernter's NY Times advertorial draws ire

Aaron Swartz: "What other New York Times writer gets to push their own products in news stories?" Amen. [Scripting News]

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My good friend Philippe Beaudoin has finally succumbed to a growing urge to start a weblog, which I like to think was partially encouraged by my own initiative. Unsurprisingly, I find his blog extremely interesting. Here's the link:

] frontierless [ - Alternatives to cultural protectionism 

There's a deep connection between some of what Philippe does and my own work. We share a concern with finding ways of exchanging ideas across cultures so that they enrich one another, instead of being oblivious to one another.

Philippe has already written a revealing about page, telling who he is and why he's doing this. Some of his initial posts include:

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"The News Business in Transition" conference

was very well covered by the folks at Hypergene Mediablog. Those folks are been putting out great content since October. Their overarching theme: "All about Participatory Journalism - how audiences are changing the future of news and information". Very nice.
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Information Architecture Overload

David Crow reports on the Information Architecture Overload problem:

There were over 20 new titles on the book shelf about information architecture, usability, interface design, web usability, flash usability, and accessibliity. Somebody tell me am I supposed to buy a copy of every one of these books so that I can effectively recommend them to my clients and students?

What do you think? []  links to this post    7:45:58 AM  
Books on the science of networks

Wired has a list of books that are similar to Smart Mobs. Related books include:

Digital Biology by Peter J. Bentley, 2001

Beyond Chaos by Mark Ward, 2001

Emergence by Steven Johnson, 2001

The Moment of Complexity by Mark Taylor, 2001

Linked by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, 2002

Nexus by Mark Buchanan, 2002

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, 2000

Six Degrees by Duncan J. Watts, 2002

The Wired article summarizes the main contribution of each book. The general theme is that the role of the connections between objects in emerging networks can account for everything. Remember back to dynamic systems, differential equations and probability, no, well these are the basis along with biology for a new generation of patterns and ideas. [David Crow]

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Lily Tomlin. "Reality is nothing but a collective hunch." [Quotes of the Day]
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