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  05 October 2002

XML Schema Tools

Went looking for XML Schema generation tools today, to further my investigations of Castor's source generation (which requires a schema to work). XMLSpy appears to be streets ahead of the competition in so many ways. Its not cheap (in fact its very expensive), so a team would have to be doing a LOT of XML / XSL editing to make it worthwhile, but the time saving of being able to take a sample XML document and generate a DTD or Schema from it is huge.

Does anyone know of any open source projects working in the same area?

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CVS Tools

Been doing my technology evangelist / mentor bit at work this week, trying to encourage migration away from sourcesafe onto a half-decent scc system. Not having cross-platform access to our source is hampering us in so many ways. We have no budget, so I've been focussing on ways to make CVS as attractive as possible. Shamelessly stealing ideas from sourceforge, I find the following combination of tools work very well together:

CVS (duh) on the server.

TortoiseCVS integrated Windows client.

Pageant for SSH key management and passwordless connection.

ViewCVS for a web browsable view of the repository.

Syncmail for doing automated diffs-by-email on commits.

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