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  19 October 2002

Miniblog? Damn right...

While waiting for Roller to download from sourceforge I grabbed Miniblog, unzipped it and had a browse through several of the JSP pages. It's so tiny! Bijou. I know the goals of Roller and Miniblog are very different, but even so, I didn't think they'd be quite that different.

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Okay, first hurdle. It appears that Radio will let you upstream either to their servers OR via ftp to a server of your choice, but not both. That's no good. I'm not ready yet to join the ranks of the blogging rollers either. Time for a rethink...

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Going live

Woohoo, www.darrenhobbs.com is up and running. I can feel my ego expanding. Currently its just a static copy of my radio blog, and there may be some to-ing and fro-ing, but now I've got Orion running almost anything could happen. First plan is to put all my Lucene studies to work and get some of that full-text search action going on.

As soon as I get my head out of this door.

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Too much mail

Been unsubscribing from mailing lists this week. I have a tendency to subscribe to the dev-lists of any OSS project that looks interesting, and get so swamped I end up reading nothing. There're just too many good projects going on to follow them all. Time for a clear out.

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Surely if it was that simple...

NBML - Not Bunk Markup Language (Okay the name might change.)

How long have we been staring at screens full of XML and not complaining? Have a look at a typical chunk of XML - it's all noise.

[Joe's Jelly]

I thought the whole point of XML was that it allowed machine-parseable data to remain human readable. Don't tell me they could have achieved that goal without all the angular decoration? Could they? That would be like a technically superior video format being beaten by a lesser one that was just better marketed. Oh wait, that happened...

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