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22 avril 2004

Shifting From P2P To Stream Ripping.

Posted by timothy (30% noise) View
An anonymous reader submits “As users continue to try fending off the ever more litigious music industry, some seem to have dropped P2P entirely, moving to ripping instead. While they lose some control

Some control may be lost but if you choose a station that stick closely to your taste, you don't loose that much.

over what they are downloading, it’s a untraceable way to download music (no way for the RIAA to track users or sue). With some of the more powerful software that’s been coming out recently, stream ripping has become more main-stream. Some of the more well known software packages, like StationRipper,

This is great but it only works on Window$. I gave it a spin and if you choose a station that stream music you really like, it's great! It will automatically download songs you may have never thought to download and that may please you. A good way to discover music.
This could even be a base for a "TIVO for radio streams"
allow users to download several thousand songs on a daily basis. And, depending on how you read the law, it’s 100% legal. How will the RIAA respond? As more users move to this type of technology to avoid the P2P lawsuits, how will the music industry respond?”

Winamp - ml_www - by lotsofno (Score: 5, Interesting) Thread
One of the cooler new ways of sharing music with my friends that I’ve been playing around with is the ml_www plug-in for Winamp (It was one of Justin Frankel’s farewell gifts). The application lets you or anyone else access your media collection from anywhere, and stream or download your audio/video through a browser interface. Of course you can set up passwords and access privelidges. You can pick a song to listen to on your home computer while in the office; stuff like that.  
All you need is a Winamp running with the plug-in, and someone—probably someone you trust—drops in your IP in a browser and one of these two windows pops up, depending on which template you’re using. You can download the newest versions here
There’s a sourceforge project going on for the plug-in, but they haven’t really brought that site up to speed yet. Most of the progress is in this Winamp Forums thread, with some occasional updates on Winamp Unlimited.

The obvious answer - by BCW2 (Score: 5, Insightful) Thread
how will the music industry respond? 
As stupidly as possible, just like normal.

How about this from the article itself - by spoco2 (Score: 5, Interesting) Thread
Seeing as though the posting is a direct copy and paste of the techdirt article… how about we also read the bit that comes straight after that on their site which states that, really, this is hardly a threat to P2P… 
“Well, some of the comments are a bit misleading. It’s not clear just how mainstream this technology really is, and it’s certainly not nearly as user friendly for users as basic file sharing applications. The idea is that it records songs directly from streaming radio stations (though, right now, it looks like only certain kinds of streaming radio stations work with the software). Also, copying a song off the radio (which is this basically equivalent to) often involves a lower quality offering with songs cutting into each other, DJs talking over the music and other radio-related reasons why it’s not the same as getting a full track. ” 
I used to tape of the radio too, and ended up knowing songs as ending with ‘And that was Vanilla Ice on 2KBY7 with the HOT Ice, Ice Baby… Keep rockin’ dude… yeaaah’.* 
It’s not the same as a pure track… plus, as it says… crap quality. 
* No, I didn’t actually have any Vanilla Ice tracks on tape… no… really.

streamripper - by quelrods (Score: 5, Informative) Thread
don’t forget They have support for just abt every os under the sun

Maybe it could be twak to do under Linux the same thing as stream ripper under Window$
and if all else fails you can recompile yourself. I think finding a stream that spends 50% or more of it’s time playing music you enjoy and ripping results in nice collection. (I do this because our bandwith at work is overused and streaming doesn’t work out so well.)

Satellite Radio XM PCR - by Broadband (Score: 5, Interesting) Thread
As you know, XM Radio has a receiver for the Computer (XM PCR) that shows the music ID etc and a high quality stream with 120 channels. I wonder if any one thought of writing a software to rip the stream digitally?

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