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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Via Poetry Daily, a pretty darned good essay, though there's perhaps too much time given to the unbelievers.

Today's poem, "Poem for Jenny" by Jaqueline Osherow, is pretty darned good too, and in an interesting form. I wrote a small thing about Osherow last March.

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But only one. If I prayed I woud pray.

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While I've been not writing at my blog I haven't been reading other blogs much either. A quick look around today reveals lots of template and URL churn, but not much new. Here, either. I'm trying, without much success, to get ready for West Chester and to make new poems, but nothing much happens when I can't get sleep. Old, I guess.

So, before I shrivel up and blow away, be sure to come to Raleigh's ArtSpace this Friday for Stammer, at which I am one of the featured performers.

BTW, ain't that picture (scroll down the Stammer page) a hoot? They wanted a picture with me because I have hair "just like Jerry Garcia!" so I had them take one for my wife, who was, I hope, mildly amused. And now they're plastered all over the Internet in the company of a genuine old fart.

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