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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

If the School of Phlogiston has a boogie-man, it's Dana Gioia, and he seems to give most of the rest of what's left of the avant garde willies as well. Let me count the ways:

  1. He was appointed chair of the National Endowment for the Arts by George 43, thus exposing his true nature to anyone who hadn't yet realized he's just a flunky for the monkey.
  2. He betrayed his immigrant, working-class origins by becoming a Vice President at General Foods, thus revealing his false consciousness.
  3. He works for George Bush's administration, thus proving that he's fascist.
  4. He is one of the most prominent figures to have questioned the value of MFA programs, thus demonstrating his anti-intellectual stance.
  5. He's been seen in public with Laura Bush, thus showing himself to be a running dog lackey of imperialism.
  6. He said approving things in print about rap prosody before they did, thus establishing he's a hypocrite.
  7. He didn't contribute a poem to Sam Hamill's Poets Against the War, thus leaving no doubt he's a war-monger.
  8. He's a co-founder of the West Chester Poetry Conference, thus exhibiting that he's stuck in the seventeenth century, in the school of Herrick because Donne's too hard.
  9. He has argued that too much poetry is too academically centered, thus demonstrating once again his anti-intellectual stance and his hypocritical populism which is, of course, only a disguise for fascism.
  10. His tenure at the NEA has been focused on enabling audiences rather than on supporting individual artists, thus verifying his hostility to real art.
  11. He's probably shaken hands with Dick Cheney, thus confirming his soulless opportunism.
  12. He's praised, in print, poets like James Tate and Jack Spicer, thus documenting a cunning which substitutes for genuine taste.
  13. Besides having terrible friends, he writes terrible poetry because he has such terrible friends.

Christ, I've seen it seriously argued that Pound — who broadcast for Mussolini during WWII! — could have seen foreseen the popularity of right wing radio and (therefore?) the emptiness of the the exclusively popular poetry supposedly championed by Gioia.

I have no idea who in Gioia's generation (mine) may one day be considered a great poet. But Gioia is a very good poet, and in the next little while I'll be looking from time to time at some of the poems on which I base that judgment.

And by the way — how very odd that the avant garde has become an almost exclusively academic movement. Not that it moves. And not that the people involved don't do some very good work — it's just that there ain't no scouting nor skirmishing with the unknown going on.

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The Chapel Hill Herald-Sun's brief report on the Carrboro Poetry Festival is here. Wish I'd been there.

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