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Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2004
Bagdhad Stories:
A picture named bagdhad_stories.jpgShortly after the end of the war in Iraq the german journalist Philipp Abresch made a trip to Bagdhad and gave out 170 single-use cameras to Iraqi children, teens and US soldiers. now introduces the project "Bagdhad Stories" and presents a selection out of the more than 3500 photos.
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Athens hit by triple bomb blast. »Three bombs exploded outside a police station in Athens today in a series of timed blasts, causing serious damage and unnerving Greek security forces just 100 days before the Olympic games open in the city.«

Let's hope we will not see anything like the 5. September 1972 in Munich again. [Guardian Unlimited]
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Shaking. Last Night there was a really small earthquake in the vicinity. But I felt it.
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