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Sonntag, 16. Mai 2004
Toll Collection that works
You have propably heard about the desaster with the german Toll Collect system. A consortium lead by Deutsche Telekom and Daimler-Chrysler spend approximately 2 billion Euro to develop a highly sofisticated toll-collection system for heavy goods vehicles that use our Autobahn network. It uses GPS, GPRS, GSM, OBUs and all kinds of other Three Letter Abbreviations. The problem: It does not work.
Now three 18-year old students from Bremen (André Kreis, Tim Gosche and Helge Stobrawe) developed a toll-collection system that is cheap and works. It uses wifi technology. Access points will be installed along the Autobahnen and a special black-box will be installed in every truck. The fee that has to be paid for a truck depends on the number of access points it has passed along it's course. They even got invited to the Toll Collect headquarters in Berlin, but their system will not be used, because "we already spend so much money".
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Fundsachen: The Bibliography of Dendrochronology celebrates 10000 references.
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