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Dienstag, 25. Mai 2004

I just read Loretta Napoleonis "Modern Jihad: Tracing the Dollars Behind the Terror Networks". This is an excellent economic analysis of the Global Terrorism and shows the developing Economy of Terror, that is starting to undermine the regular economy.
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James Lovelock: Nuclear power is the only green solution. "We have no time to experiment with visionary energy sources; civilisation is in imminent danger". Jomes Lovelock is an independent scientist and the creator of the Gaia hypothesis of the Earth as a self-regulating organism.
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A picture named hat.jpgThe writings of Charles Darwin: "The most complete collection of Darwin's work ever published-with original page numbers, illustrations etc."Lots of links, lots of information. Especially for the poor people who are not allowed to read this in school anymore. Via Kosmonautentraum.
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David Shea: What is RSS/XML/ATOM/Syndication?
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I got some email and comments regarding the german RSS-feeds. I have added some new links and put a permanent link to the list on the right side.
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