Tuesday, June 14, 2005


While the urinal post earlier, OK most urinal posts, have more than a bit of humor about them,  it is not always the case.

The urinal at the bottom of the world.

"...I spent 26 days in Antarctica... in the process of getting [this] picture. I feel that it in and of itself is a fixture to be admired. One that resides upon the highest, driest, and coldest continent on earth, the very bottom of the planet; one that marks an elusive destination and goal that was not able to even be reached until the early 1900's and carries with it the suffering and the loss of life of several explorers; and one that is at a place that is not only off the beaten path but literally 'miles from nowhere'... In fact, no other urinal in the world or even space can compete with the efforts and loss of life that went into [this fixture's] eventual permanence at the South Pole. What it may lack in beauty it more that makes up for in dignity."

Curtis B.

Now that you know that, it takes on a whole other meaning.

7:02:14 AM    

Nature's Call-

Clark Sorensen makes ceramic urinals in the shape of flowers.

They really are quite nice looking, beautiful colors and full shapes.

Despite the scatalogical reference, what I like about this is that it is handmade ceramics being used in a 'new' way. There are folks that do sinks, but I hadn't seen functional urinals.

I also think it is pretty cool that Clark had to figure out how to make them fint onto standard plumbing.

Thx BoingBoing.

6:57:59 AM