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This weblog focuses on locating, evaluating, discussing, and providing guidelines to instructional resources for faculty and students in higher education. The emphasis is on free, shared, HE resources. Related topics and news (about commercial resources, K-12 resources, T&D resources, educational technology, digital libraries, distance learning, open source software, metadata standards, cognitive mapping, etc.) will also be discussed--along with occasional excursions into more distant miscellaneous topics in science, computing, and education. The EduResources Weblog operates in conjunction with a broader weblog called The Open Learner about using open knowledge resources across a diversity of subjects, levels, and interests for a wide range of learners and learning communities--students in schools and colleges, home schoolers, hobbyists, vocational learners, retirees, and others.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Development Gateway Foundation has produced an OER Introduction Booklet (pdf) and will be sponsoring free Webinars beginning in December. The Booklet and the Webinars are directed at potential users of open educational resources. ___JH (Thanks to Thomas Bekkers who posted news about these offerings in the OER Discussion sponsored by UNESCO IIEE.)


"The Booklet and the Webinar both provide:
- a definition of Open Educational Resources,
- an introduction to Open licenses and Standards,
- an introduction to the Production and Distribution of OER,
- a list of OER content repositories, search engines and projects.
This project directly serves the OER dgCommunity main objective, which is to sensitize Development practitioners and citizens to Open Educational Resources, for the benefit of all. The Booklet and the Webinar are also to be considered as gateways for beginners to major OER projects, content repositories and search engines. An important part of its content introduces third part initiatives and portals in the domain of Open Education.

Please feel free to use and remix widely the BETA version of the Booklet and subscribe for Webinars by visiting resources associated to this highlight."


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