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Friday, April 01, 2005

guy on bike chasing hot broad in convertible

Road Hazards!

  • Accident With Auto Destroys Car Wash
  • Appeals Court Halts One-Armed Trucker
  • Assclown of the Day
  • Bangkok's New Subway Closed for One Week After 110 Hurt in Accident
  • Behind the Steering Wheel, a Driver Feels the Squeeze
  • Bikers to Get an Urban Habitat
  • Bill Would Bar Patrol Probing Its Crashes
  • The Blame Game and SUVs: Readers Speak Out
  • Boycott Businesses That Support Predatory Towing
  • Bus Driver Survives Hijacking
  • A Cabbie Who Made a Heroic Difference
  • Car Pool Remains Shallow
  • City May Bar Cabbies From Using Cell Phones While Driving
  • Clemens' Stolen Hummer Found in Houston
  • Clutching at Straws
  • Collective Costs
  • Commuting: The Neverending Journey
  • Company Ordered to Stop Using Wheel Clamp to Immobilize Cars
  • Court OKs Dog Sniff During Traffic Stop
  • Critics Assail NASCAR for Burning Leaded Gas
  • The Cure for Traffic Chaos? Remove the Signs, Lines, Lights
  • Domestic Dispute Ends in 6-Vehicle Pile-Up on Aurora
            Suspect in Car Crash Has Criminal History
            Man Faces Assault Charges in Aurora Avenue Crash
  • Driver Keeps Runaway Truck From Causing Injury
  • Drivers Feel Heat of Crackdown on Road Aggression
  • Driving a Bargain: How to Understand Auto-Dealer Lingo
  • Driving in Snow
  • Driving Lessons? Far Too Sensible
  • Dyslexic Drivers 'Slower to React Than Drinkers'
  • Edge Thinking About Smart Cars
  • Emergency Workers Hurt in Minnesota Traffic Crash
  • For Drivers, a Traffic Jam of Distractions
  • 4-Year-Old Mich. Boy Drives Mother's Car
  • Further Proof That I'm Such a Girl
  • Garbage Man Severs My Phone, TV Cable, Internet, Drives Away
            Garbage Man Damage Update
  • Gas Station Owners Finding Their Niche to Pump Sales
  • The Gas Station Plunger Idea
  • Hey, No Cutting in Line!
  • 'HOT Lanes' Bill Passes in House
  • How to Transport Your Pets
  • I Think This Is Naughty
  • If I buy a hybrid car, will the motor run out of juice and leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere?
  • In-Car Gadgets Are Accident Waiting to Happen for Drivers
  • Indoctrination
  • Just When You Think You Might Like to Leave California
  • License Plate Scanner Will Bust People With Overdue Library Books
  • Man Videotaping for Lawsuit Catches Wreck at Train Crossing
  • Mayor Has Barbershop Owner Scratching His Head
  • Measure Targets Biker 'Profiling' by Police
  • Missionary Approach
  • More Drivers Than Ever Talking on Phones
  • Musician Hit by Alleged Drunken Driver Makes Slow Recovery
  • My Papaw
  • Neighbours Go to War Over Congestion Charge
  • New Technology Hopes to Help Teens Behind the Wheel
  • Oregon Teen on Interstate 205 Caught Driving 142 mph
  • Oregon Weighs Tax on Mileage
  • Painful Commutes Don't Stop Drivers
  • Parking Lot Pimpin'
  • Parking Space Comes With Free Car
  • Parking-Ticket Notices Sent by Suspended Lawyer
  • Parking Tight in Seattle? Mayor Plans to Squeeze It More
  • The Perfect Gift for Paranoid Millionaires
  • Photo of the Day, 3/11/05
  • Preparing for a Road Trip
  • Problem at Pump: Too Few 2s
  • The Problem With Cabbing It
  • Ray Bradbury Paints a Grim Future
  • Revised Bill Holds All Officers Accountable for Traffic Wrecks
  • Road-Rage Case Involves 100-mph Chase
            Teen Driver Says Angry Man Chased, Threatened Him
  • Should We Allow People to Waste Money on 4x4s?
  • State Senator Keeps Calling for Limits on Chatty Drivers
  • Staying Safe: Winter Driving
  • Strict Car Emission Rules Look Likely
  • Subway Car Withstands Falling Tree Action
  • Sucks to Be This Black Toyota Solara Owner
  • Tanker Driver Settles 2003 Case
  • Teen Driving Laws May Get Tougher
  • Today's Lovely Commute
  • Tow Truck Drivers Push Cars Into Tow-Away Zone Then Hold Cars for Ransom
  • West Seattle Man, 96, Has Had a Career That Crosses Generations
  • Which Signs Are the Best Drivers? And the Worst?
  • Why Upscale Hybrids Make Sense
  • Woman Survives After SUV Falls 60 Feet Off Bridge, Sinks
            Crane Lifts SUV From Willamette River
  • (Jeff) Cirillo, 35, played (baseball) over the winter in Mexico and talked about a bizarre experience on his second day, driving from Tijuana to Mexicali over the Tijuana Mountains. He looked down and saw 500 cars at the bottom, and thought: "What am I doing here? I'm gonna die in the Tijuana Mountains."

    He later learned that the cars were driven over the edge intentionally so their owners could declare them stolen and collect insurance money.

    Seattle P-I, 3/4/05

    "Drive-in banks were established so most of the cars today could see their real owners."

    — E. Joseph Crossman

    "To the young couple in the U District who came face to face with my big SUV in the crosswalk today: Thank you for yelling at me. I was talking on my cellphone, and even though I use an earpiece, this incident made me realize it's really not a good idea to be doing anything but driving while behind the wheel of three tons of steel."

    "Rant and Rave!"
    Seattle Times, 1/16/05

    8:17:37 PM    

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