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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Road Hazards!            April 2005 - Delay on the Firth Road Bridge - Photo by Toby Williams, Edinburgh Evening News

Can't believe how fast these items show up. Posted the last batch of "Road Hazards" links and within minutes had another link to start today's list. This morning, at the top of the list in my aggregator was yet another traffic-related story. A lot happens out on those streets! (Guess it's no wonder I don't have time to comment on every story linked to here.)

  • 11-Year-Old Girl Drives Into Poinciana House
  • 32 Alligators Discovered During Traffic Stop
  • $50
  • According to the Police Blotter Section of Our Local Newspaper
  • Addendum...
  • Alarm Raised Over Bridge Crash Barrier
            Road Bridge Chiefs Accused of Confusing Drivers Over Delays
  • And in Local News...
  • A-Rod Saves Boston Boy's Life
            A-Rod's Biggest Fan Enjoys Spotlight
  • Bill Pierre Ford Sucks
  • Bumper Dumper
  • Bus Stop Horror for Mum and Tot
  • Case of Banger and Smash for Motorist
            Motorist's Nose Broken by Sausage
  • Child Killed in Va. School Bus Crash
  • City Set to Raise £3m From New Parking Zone Fines
  • Clerk Run Over After Trying to Stop Shoplifter
  • Coffee Breaks May Add to Traffic Flow
  • Delightful Dilemma
  • Dog in Car Window
  • Double Standard From a Massachusetts Democrat? Who'd'a Thunk It?
  • Get in the Car!
  • Getting More Than That New-Car Smell
  • Hidden Costs of Rental Cars
  • I Didn't Know Highway Signs Could Burn...
  • I Was Testing the Car, Says Pc Clocked at 159mph
  • I'd Sell Mine, but They'd Just Give Her Back
  • J@gz r00lorz, d00d!!!!!!!11one
  • Lawnmower Man Takes a Ride to the Edge of Destruction
  • 'Mad Max' Fans Arrested for Recreation
  • Man Charged in I-5 Fight
  • Man Crashes Truck Into Downtown Building
  • Only in Massachusetts: Boston Rips Itself Off, Ends Up Losing Money
            We Don't Need No Stinkin' Inspection Stickers!
  • Python Chokes Car Engine
  • Man 'Keys' Cars in the Name of Art
  • Older Riders Add to Rise in Motorcycle Fatalities
  • The Parking Spy That Tells Wardens When You Are Due a Ticket
  • Red on Traffic Lights Means Stop; Green Go
  • Report: Traffic Jams Waste Time
  • Samoyed Versus Bicycle
  • Side Road Could Be a Shortcut to a Ticket
  • Smile. You're on Candid Cop Camera.
  • Speed Trap Nets £750,000 in Two Months
  • Study Cites the Good, the Bad and the Just-Plain Dirty in the Subway
  • Toll Roads in Utah?
  • When A $45,000 BMW Just Isn't Enough...
  • The Wrong Get-Away Car
  • Tom: Throughout the ages, teenagers have always looked to make fashion statements that their parents disapprove of. It's part of growing up and declaring your independence. If my kid decided to get spinning hubcaps instead of piercing his schnozola or wearing spiked green hair, I'd be thrilled. And your mom should be, too.

    Ray: In fact, that's how you can get your mom off your case, Matt. Tell her you're trying to decide between the spinners and getting a tattoo of Dick Cheney on your forehead. She'll warm right up to those spinners.

    Car Talk, Seattle P-I, 4/22/05

    12:22:58 PM    

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