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  Sunday, September 14, 2003

New York Times writer Thomas Friedman frequently travels to the middle east and talks with people on all sides of the conflict there.

I think that Friedman writes with real compassion for all the people in the middle east. By the way: Friedman's ideas are very similar to a friend of mine who is an Israeli citizen.

Friedman tells it like it is: "Qalqilya is surrounded by fences on three sides - to shut it off not only from Israel proper to the west, but also from West Bank Jewish settlements to the north and south. You can get out of Qalqilya only by going through a single Israeli checkpoint, where Palestinians often wait in line for hours."
4:48:38 PM    

The linked article is being discussed on Slashdot. The Economist article accurately discusses the danger of Open Source to Microsoft's business and mentions the dangers of proprietary document formats (this is also being actively discussed on Slashdot).
9:46:15 AM    

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