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  Saturday, September 20, 2003

I figured out why Linux is such a more productive environment for me

OK, people who know me know that I have been totally enjoying Mac OS X for the last year and a half. Beautiful user interface, real Unix style development environment.

That said, I will still sometimes work for a few days on my Linux workstation (and even occasionally under Windows 2000).

Why am I more productive under Linux?

I believe that it is because my Linux installations are always no-frills - I install just what I need to get my jobs done. This is usually: OpenOffice for writing, Java JDK, Java IntelliJ IDE, ant, apache, etc.

So, apparently it is more difficult to waste time under Linux when toys and goodies are not installed.

The lesson is clear for companies and other organizations who pay people to work with computers:

Intall Linux on people's desk tops with just the tools they need to get their jobs done. No minesweeper game!
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