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  Friday, September 19, 2003

This project is new - you have to pull the code from CVS (but binaary and source drops should be available soon).

I have recently used JAXB (both the Enhydra Zeus project and Sun's reference JAXB implementation) for a consulting job and in the XML chapter of my upcoming (almost done!) Java 10 Minute Solutions book. JAXB is cool stuff, and I will enjoy looking at this project that was donated by the BEA Corporation.
1:10:54 PM    

Everyone in the U.S. who reads the news at all understands that the Bush administration contains a rather large percentage of Neoconservatives.

However, most people don't really understand the Neoconservatives. This linked article is great overview and is very educational - a must read.

One disturbing (to me) aspect of the Neoconservatives is their promotion of highly disruptive activities of the Middle East. I believe that their agenda is a real threat to all of our security - scary stuff!

As an American, I have to reluctantly support the rights of fringe groups to express themselves and to use our wonderful free political process - thus I have to support the right of the Neoconservatives to push their weird and in my opinion world-threatening agenda.

However, those of us who live in democracies have an important responsibility. This responsibility is to keep ourselves informed and to vote carefully. Please read the short linked article - then when someone mentions the term "Neoconservative" you will understand the goals of this group.
12:12:12 PM    

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