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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tony on our team send me an in-progress version of his UIXViewController project that adds an ADF UIX view layer for the ADF Toy Store demo. We're triaging a couple of issues with it.

The first one related to the fact that ADF UIX does not require the Struts form bean. It works directly with the ADF bindings. What's more, since the presence of a Struts form bean causes trouble for the ADF UIX file upload functionality, at least in and the StrutsUixPageLifecycle ends up short-circuiting the form bean altogether. Tony was hitting a NullPointerException in my SigninAction because that class was depending on pulling the username and password from a custom LoginForm action form.

To resolve the problem, I've switched implementation techniques (in the in-progress version we're working on) for the login page, creating a simple LoginBean javabean that is not a Struts action form, and creating a DataControl for this simple bean. Then, I changed the SigninAction class to pull the username and password from this LoginBean in the model layer. ADF Bindings handles the data binding to these simple beans too, so it was only a minor change.

2:32:14 PM    

I've gotten four separate questions this week from people trying to build JSP pages with ADF that render nested master/detail information:

Department 10: ACCOUNTING
7782 CLARK
7839 KING
Department 20: RESEARCH
    7369 SMITH
    7566 JONES
    7788 SCOTT
    7876 ADAMS
    7902 FORD

Rendering nested hierarchies like this is the job for our ADF Tree Binding. You can checkout the online help topic Working with Tree Controls in ADF-Enabled Web Pages for as the Tree Binding Sample app on OTN for more information.

Due to Bug# 3778686 that I just filed why experimenting with the Tree Binding, for the 9.0.5 release, I'd suggest using the tree with the root iterator binding's RangeSize set to the value -1 (all rows).

11:34:23 AM    

We recently started a Java Developer's newsletter. It's a monthly eZine delivered to your inbox, with past months editions available on OTN in the archive. The June 2004 issue focused on Auditing Java Code. The May 2004 issue was about Building JDeveloper Extensions.

You can sign up for the newsletter by clicking here.


10:16:12 AM    

Julie and Nirav mailed me to let me know they'd gone live on OTN with a preview of the Oracle XML Data Synthesis technology their team has been working on. The OTN home page for XDS is here, where you can read an overview and download the software. In a nutshell, it provides middle-tier technology (in Java) that in this preview release lets you setup one or more XML-based data sources and perform in-memory XQuery filtering over them. The backend XML data can come from a number of different sources.

10:04:52 AM    

Another new OTN article today, this time from Ralph Gordon on our team, How To Update ADF Runtime Libraries to Oracle Application Server 10g.

12:26:58 AM    

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