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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Zak Mandhro blogs the release of his JDeveloper extension that generates value objects useful for ADF Business Components-based web services.
4:52:44 PM    

Lucas Jellema of AMIS blogs about a View Object Copy JDeveloper extension they've built and made available for download that assists with a common ADF Business Components design time operation they perform frequently: cloning a view object. Due out soon he says is another that will let you cascade delete a component (presumably after a confirmation!) and remove references to existing usages of it.

Sound like nice enhancement for a future JDeveloper release. I've captured it in enhancement request number 3991905. It's pretty cool to see customers and partners creating their own extensions in the meanwhile, using the JDeveloper Extension SDK. It's a powerful feature of the base JDeveloper IDE that more and more users are taking advantage of. In our 10.1.3 release, due out in 2005, we'll be shipping what we believe will be the industry's first JSR 198-compliant IDE for the Java platform, supporting the new standard for portable IDE extensions/add-ins.

4:51:05 PM    

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