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Ore no Buloggu
Aloha and Konichiwa! Thanks for visiting. Take off your shoes, sit down and relax. These are my stories on tech stuff, life in Tokyo for a Japan-born+L.A. raised+lived in Hawaii half my life braddah, GAMES!, Shirley-chan and our adventures(in no particular order .. ofcourse).

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

I've recently noticed alot of activity in the area of moblogging and GPS. First there's the damn mobloggers (can you tell that I'm jealous!) catching live events and shooting this info to their sites. Between April's Tokyo Bloggers Meetup and last week's one Kevin (MFOP - MoBlogging For Other People) said that he's got 80 users. I remember he mentioned like he had only 2 in April. The 'KEWL' crew moblogged at the last meetup .. bastards ;) Remember there's also the First International Mobloggers Conference on 7/5.
Now they're onto GPS. Dav setup a way to grab the GPS info from Mie's moblog photos and send this data to MapFan (in Japanese), which is like MapQuest in the states.
Since we're on the subject of maps, there's a project called the Japan Blogger's Map (version 1.0), which places the various blogs onto .. a map. Also, a few months back UltraBob started the Neighborhood Project, which is a collection of photos from various 'hoods in Japan. There's a really kewl applet by Dav called Geosphere. I haven't looked into this, but looks like mapping URL points onto a globe. Other blogging to map projects: London Bloggers Tube Map, The New York City Blogger Map.

And what does all this mean ... F*CK if I know, but it's motivating me to get off my ass. There's my point. HA! <- that's my alcohol induced thought process.
REALLY, maybe we have some kind of urge to see on a map where the blogging/viewpoints come from. Termed "Geolocation". There's also "Geosearch", which is searching within a certain vicinity. I figure you can relate to people that are in a similar geographic location. Notice that London, New York, and Tokyo has subway/railway system. Riding trains drains.
I look smart yeah! Got these words from an article on the Guardian Unlimited.
OK, now I'm trying to figure out my Longitude and Latitude so I can add this blog to GeoURL. (used MapFan to get my long/lat which was in arc format, then used this site to convert it to digital format .. tip from Dav's comment on UltraBob's blog)

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