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 Thursday, November 27, 2003

Indo-European languages came from Turkey

Evolutionary biologists have waded into the stormy debate over when and where Indo-European languages originated. ... Their findings were reported in today's issue of the journal Nature and support the theory that Indo-European languages arose around this time among farming communities in Anatolia, now known as Turkey.

Marija Gimbutas must be spinning in her grave ....

[from ABC Science Online via rougeclassicism]
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Pagan Temple in Akranes?

Members of the Ásatrú (pagan) religious group have expressed their interest in raising a temple in Akranes (southwest Iceland) for their own worship. Temples to worship the ancient Norse gods have not been constructed in Iceland for a thousand years. Artist Haukur Halldórsson came up with the idea of the temple and has already made a model of it. It is circular, with symbols from Eddic poetry on doors and walls.

According to the Akranes Town Council, a formal application for the temple has not been received, but the matter has been discussed and has received a positive response.

[Original source is unknown - I cribbed it from a post to a Heathen email list (and the poster is usually a very reliable source, but there are no "real" news refs that I can find. I'll keep my eyes open, though!]
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