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 Saturday, November 29, 2003

When I win the lottery tonight I'm buying tickets to Athens ...

7th World Congress of Ethnic Religions

The World Congress Of Ethnic Religions (W.C.E.R.) invites you to attend its 7th International Congress, which will be held in Athens, Greece on June «2004». This congress will be organized locally by the Supreme Council of the Gentile Hellenes (Y.S.E.E.) on behalf of the W.C.E.R.

Following the success of the previous congresses, all held in Lithuania, the 2004 Athenean congress will allow W.C.E.R. members from various countries to address topics of concern about their Ethnic Religions, Traditions and Ways. A full day meeting will be held in the first day of the congress on the subject of "The High Values Of The pre-Christian Ethnic Religions", and also interesting subjects will be discussed concerning the future of Ethnic Religions facing the modern Globalization and Monotheist dominance.

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