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 Monday, December 01, 2003

Maybe they're getting wise ....

Priest bans pagan Santa from his church

If there was a historical Jesus (and that's a big if), and he was born following a Roman census, then odds are he was born in September, not at the winter solistace. Christianity has had a nasty habit for millennia of stealing other folk's religious celebrations - Samhain becomes "All Saints Day", Yule and the Mother Night became Christmas and Passover is now "Easter" - complete with bunnies and eggs!

Odd too, how the Sabbath became Sunday: 7 = 1, eh?

I did get kind of a kick out of the priests characterization of Santa as both "pagan" and "commercial". I wonder if he's aware that of all major world religions, only monotheists from the Middle East (Christians, Jews and Muslims) set a fixed amount that each believer is to "give to god"? Since god typically doesn't cash his checks, of course, it is necessary that this remittance be given to his (self-appointed) representatives on earth! How commercial can you get?

Arrgh ... this time of year always makes me a bit religiously cranky!
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