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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    missed the street food for singles event tonight, I was so was craving a little magic tonight, a sip of splendid nectar and possibly a delicious treat or two but sleep and home were calling me back, next time, maybe at the http://sfstreetfoodfest.com/ or possibly tommorrow night, magick will happen, maybe my wing people will come with me this time and I won't have to run into him alone, he wasn't suppose to be there tonight and last minute when I check my twitter, he was going to show up, wasn't ready for that yet. 

    Magick is there, just need to find reliable wing people, mason is definetly not that person, he might come by, WTF is that about anyways? so too busy to talk to me except when he's sad and needs cheering up, what is with men anyways, why can't they see what is right in front of them

    anyways, just need to sum up the courage to experience the delicious decandant abundance of street food and magic with or without wing people..especially now that I have a new bra!

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