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    Saturday, June 27, 2009

    I'm slightly upset. I was doing a quick scan at one of my client's office, it was late at night, for one thing, he's never there at 9pm at night but that's not the point, he saw me doing a huge scan of some documents and blew a gasket saying he wanted me to pay him for using his machine and pay for the scanned pages and pay him for whatever I was going to bill my client for using his equipment and he didn't want me to charge him for any work I had done while at the office tonight.

    ok, its fair to pay him for the scans and possibly the usage of his machine but the thing is I wasn't going to charge him for coming in and updating the computer that was having issues and picking up the paperwork he left for me and for any accounting that I was going to do tonight. He didn't have to be such a jerk about it, I just said screw it, finished the computer updates and left, went to Kinko's to finish doing the scans.

    So he would have been charged 100.00 for the computer time + 45.00 for the accounting time for one hour of work and I did 40 pages of scans at 10cents per page (that's what Kinko's charged me) and a few color plots (lets see 2.50 x 4 = 10.00), so for the meer 30 mins of using his equipment, he would have saved 145.00 but no he got pissed off which means even though I'm now going to pay him 45.00 to cover the cost of renting his machine for a few moments + the color plots + the 40 cents for the scans, he's still going to get charged 100.00 and he pissed me off. No more extra work for him anymore, he can wait just like everyone else and for that matter, no more goddamn discounts...feel much better, needed to vent


    on the other notes of the day, hope my two friends are doing ok. I worry about them both!!


    and my poor baby possumn died today, I don't know what she got into but she's stiff as a board and no she's not playing dead, I checked but she was a lot bigger than i realized she had gotten.

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