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    Monday, June 15, 2009

    At some point in this house remodeling concept, I will be re-modeling the kitchen, changing the counters, adding a back splash, finishing the missing cabinet pieces, redoing the wiring (ok, wasn't planning on that but according to my electrician, it needs to be done because its a fire hazard), fix the plumbing and eventually changing out the sink to match the counters. I love the idea of a stainless steel sink because they are heat resistant, I've been know to put hot pans in the sink after using them but stainless steel sinks aren't exactly scratch resistant and I wasn't sure what I was going to do until now, I found this Granite Kitchen Sink that is scratch resistant, heat resistant, kills 99% of the bacteria on contact, stain resistant (ooh, i need that), its recyclable (that's always good) and comes in four colors, two I like - brown and black. There are double sinks and single sinks and several other types of sinks. At MR Direct, the prices are well lets say good, very good. The same sinks somewhere else might cost double in price which is always been a little bit of a hold back for me in purchasing a new kitchen sink and they offer same day shipping which is great. 

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