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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    What if the underground food vendors could get their permits? Would it still be underground, would it still be fun? What if the underground food vendors got a donation to help with those permits, would they take it, maybe in exchange for free food occasionally? Have no idea what I'm talking about? There's the creme brulee man - mmm, I love creme brulee, ask anyone that knows me what do I always order for desert? And then there is the magic curry cart, curry and magic - two of my favorite things together, also helps a smidgen that the magic curry man is quite cute. And yes, the creme brulee man is adorable too, I suppose he should be given that the magic curry man is his brother. But then there is the sexysoupcart and amuse bouche whose muffins and tea sound like the perfect mix of food for this weird weather we've been having and now there is SF Moo Moo Cakes, UrbanNectar, which sounds utterly delicious and thaishavedice, wonder if he has it snow-capped and of course, can't forget the cookies, cookiewagsf

    There's plenty a buzz about the mission street food vendors on sfweekly/sfoodie but what I wonder about is if these gals/guys could get their permits, would they still do it? And why doesn't SF make it easier to get those permits, its like you have to fill out application after application for 3-4 different SF depts just to have permits to sell street food, why make it so complicated or is that just a government thing to make it so incredibly hard to run a business in SF, that its almost not worth it for a small business to even try, 2000+ for permits and its just not one permit from one dept, its several different permits from several different depts. The complicated maze of SF permit depts: the Department of Public Health requires applicants to submit for a permit to operate, a sanitation certificate, and a fire marshall application. The fee for a pushcart on private property costs $737, on top of an environmental health application fee of $298. The question remains, is Dolores Park a private property or a public property and are there different permits if its a public location?

    These underground vendors have been found on CBS5, NBC, SFWeekly, the Chronicle, google SF underground food vendors. Have to go find the magic curry cart again soon, its was delicious. Maybe I'll find the creme brulee cart too next time or any of the other street food vendors and if you don't happen to find them out and about, maybe you can find them at the SF Street Food Festival on August 22

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    Fleetwood Mac tickets

    Ok, exactly how did I miss that Fleetwood Mac was on tour? I love their music. Although, I did see Steve Nicks a few years ago when she showed up as a surprise at a Tom Petty concert, that was the highlight of the event. If you're now craving fleetwood mac tickets and you are in the UK - check out GetMeIn for Fleetwood Mac tickets and if you're in the US or Canada, find your tickets here and if you can't make it to any of the shows, enjoy the next clip, its almost like being there live.

    Find more videos on Fleetwood Mac's site

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    AC/DC tickets

    A few months ago, I think, I got notification from Ticketmaster that AC/DC tickets were on sale again for their Black Ice World Tour and while I'd love to see AC/DC again, I think the tickets were really expensive and after I thought about it a few days, I checked back they were sold out buts its not like I've never seen AC/DC. It was one of my first concerts when I was a barely a teen (oops, don't know if my mom knew that or not) and I saw them again after that. AC/DC is one of my favorite bands. Anyways, they have added more dates in the UK and Ticketmaster UK version called GETMEIN has AC/DC tickets available. Looks like they added more US dates too, Fresno, CA, New Jersey and New York shows look like that have available tickets - check out AC/DC's site for info.

    So if you're in the UK, check out AC/DC tickets from GETMEIN  and if you're in the US, find AC/DC tickets on Ticketmaster's US Site

    And if you're feeling generous, send me to the UK to see AC/DC - that would be super cool.


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