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    Sunday, May 31, 2009

    How many times have you walked out of the house without your keys? My house is like a fortress, every accessible point is locked with a key and/or I don't have a key for some of the locks, never got around to changing the old locks but even if I could get to those doors, I still couldn't get in. Fortunately, my garage has a keyless code box on it, so I can get back in. But wouldn't it be nice to have a keyless lock for the front door instead. For about the same price as a traditional lock you can now get keyless locks, like this one here Schlage BE365 or this one in old aged bronze or this one that looks like it lights up the numbers, no more fumbling in the dark to open the door.

    There is also the option of fingerprint door locks, if you want to go really high tech geeky on your home, although a little more expensive than traditional locks, how cool would that be.

    I wonder if I could modify these to work with that pet door concept?

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