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    Sunday, May 24, 2009

    updating blogroll..sleepy. See if this works. 123

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    do you see the glass as half full, half empty, full or do you just see a glass of water? Are you an optimist or tend toward pessimism? I had this conversation the other day and it struck me that the people talking to me did not share the same views that I did regarding my mortgage, future events and money. I tend to believe that the glass is always full and its what you make of it that determines your direction.

    Lets start with my mortgage, yes, I bought my house in the height of a good economy, I also bought my house for less then it was worth at the time and my house is currently worth a hell of lot less than my mortgage but I was fully aware of what I was getting into at the time, I bought my house with zero down and 100% financing on stated income, I currently have two mortgages, one is fixed for 30 years, one is neg am for 5 years then either I can refinance or it goes into a fixed rate for 25 years. With the neg am, I can pay a min of 1200 or I can pay more each month towards the principal and interest, I can only go 35K over the original mortgage amount, so at some point I have to pay more than the min of 1200 and I do anyways. My optimistic view is that the housing market will go back up in the next 3 years and my house will be worth more and I can refinance both mortgages into one. I also don't feel that I was lied too or given false information regarding my home loan, I knew exactly what I was doing when I bought my home. I'm not in danger of foreclosing, I can easily afford my mortgage so I don't believe that its worth refinacing right now and while I have checked into the option, it doesn't make sense to me financially right now to do it.

    Money, I potentially, possibly,maybe might be getting an inheritance and I understand that some people might worry about what I planned to do with the money because of past actions with me and money but I'm not that person anymore, I own a successful business and I know how to spend my money wisely.  Yes, I have upgraded my home but when I bought this house, I saw potential in it, this is my design gallery, a place to build and dream. And occasionally when one buys an older home, things start to crumble and need to be repaired but that's beside the point, I'm not an idiot, I'm not going to spend it all. I am going to put heat/air in my house and maybe go to europe and possibly pay off a credit card or two but the rest of it, going into savings or my IRA.

    my glass is always full, I'm optimist, I believe that everything will turn around that you just have to wait and let the magick happen, worrying and stressing about what the future holds is pointless in my opinion, it will happen as it happens (and yes, sometimes I forget that too)

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