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    Monday, May 18, 2009

    facebook or twitter? I tend to like twitter better, its just easier for me to quickly login tweet and go about my day, facebook on the other hand, I can't figure it out, how does one chat in there? And twitter to me is just easier to catch up on what is going on in with friends and potential hot spots in the city such as the Creme Brulee Man or the Magic Curry Kart - both sound delicious, both which I ran across after looking for something else. I need to start paying attention when I'm in the city, there are so many interesting things going on and I just am in my own little world working, head down and I just need to stop and watch the world....on that note, I'm off to Hawaii for a bit of vacation and all I really want is to sit on the beach, drinking mai tai's and relax...see you in a week
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