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    Saturday, May 09, 2009

    I will simply drift with the tide and see how things go...that started my interesting conversation the other day, let see what happens when you stop trying to control things and just let things flow. I know that when I start panicking that I'm running late or not getting everything done, things start getting more and more behind and it takes me longer and longer to get going, its when I start to try and control the outcome that things start to fall behind, if I just simply drift with the tide, things flow.

    somehow the conversation turned to the concept that life isn't real, that its all a game, that once one accepts the game, then there is an acceptance of reality and that everything around us is fiction, is an illusion of our reality. That the possiblity that we aren't even human that we're just characters in game and to see this game, one needs to live life as a massive role playing game by watching the people around you, seeing the coincidences that pop up that make life more complicated at the worst possible time and murphys law is a glaring sign post, things suck because conflict and struggle is fun and perhaps we live in a perfect utopia in the real world. But that assumes that I'd have to watch people and not be completely self-centered in my world. Watch my life, watch the patterns and see the game. Watch it dispassionately, just observe without judgement. And once you realize that you are in a game, its hard to step back into the game. And once I learn that I am in a game, then I've learned the truth and then I will be in stasis which I assume means I can reboot the game after a period of sleep (sounds a little like the matrix to me)

    I don't believe that life is a game in the sense of the above information, I think we all each have our own free will and that our future isn't written. I do believe that there are other potential realities out there, if I had choosen a different path in my life, my reality wouldn't be the same as it is today, I probably would have never met Mason. I think we can influence our realities and set in motion specific events but we can not control other people's free will. I do believe that magick happens and certain events that are set in motion will come to fruitation eventually if you allow the magick to happen, if you don't try and control the outcome, let things flow. I do believe that there are patterns in the world and we are all connected but each shimmering line of connection could be a different path in reality for each different person and each choice made at a crosspoint of connection turns us to a different path.

    so you wonder how did the conversation end? He got mad at me per usual and isn't currently talking to me. He'll be back, he always come back but I wonder why did he get so mad at me was it because what I was saying made sense or that I was questioning his whole belief system? And I wonder what trigger his belief that the matrix is real and not just a sci-fi movie.

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    Mother's Day is just around the corner and we all know flowers are one way to show our love but what about other days of the year and what about sending flowers to yourself just because, just to brighten up your day or to bring some color to your dining room table. I used to buy flowers all the time for myself for one reason or another, just because I don't have anyone special to give me flowers doesn't mean I can't buy flowers for myself and what a nice treat to order flowers and have them delivered to brighten up your day. Or what about sending a friend a friendship monkey to brighten his/her day just because. And who wouldn't want a beer mug of blooms. And if you're not into flowers, you could always just send yourself a gift basket of treats because you deserve it, we all deserve a treat once a while for everything we are and even if it from ourselves, its still a great treat to have sitting on your doorstep when you arrive home from a long day. Are you a cupcake kind of person or more of a cheesecake person or maybe you are a wine and cheese person, whatever kind of person you are, be a sweets, cheese, wine or flowers, you deserve to treat yourself to something special every once in a while.

    Now me, I'm going to go order a cheesecake, yum! and maybe a rose bouquet

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