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    Sunday, May 03, 2009

    as a technology consultant, I have researched alot of different online backup solutions and many have just been way to expensive for most small businesses I work with however I think I found one that might work for anyone including individuals and small businesses, IDrive. Why is IDrive different? Well for starters, they have a basic package for online backup up to 2GB that is free and then pricing goes up from there and for 500GB, its only 499.50 per year, that's really good considering I've looked at online backup solutions for 500GB and the starting price is 1500/year. But also they offer all the bells and whistles a small business wants such as syncing, versioning, historical versions, retrieve from any location, easy search and restore, see the complete list of features and it works with both PC and Macs. IDrive has a simple and user-friendly interface

    An online backup solution is a fundamental concept for small business and yet many small businesses have only onsite backup plans mainly due to cost factor, IDrive Online Backup solution could solve the cost factor for many small business. I will be recommending this product to all my clients not only is it cost-effective, its peace of mine that if my server decides to stop working, my files are safe and I can restore them anywhere just by logging into to my account and simply downloading them to the new location.

    They also have this IDrive Portable Product for only 69.95 and the software comes with it, the faqs of IDrive Portable.

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