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    Friday, April 24, 2009

    what is this week, some kind of weird phase in the astrological system? sorry its long post, venting, its been a weird, exhausting week

    According to my horoscope, its supposed to be an electrically charged day
    Your key planet Mercury is buzzing with a high-frequency charge from electric Uranus, provoking you to go against the grain and take a risk. Luckily, your quirky sense of innovation will likely pay off for you today and the steady Taurus New Moon in your 12th House of Imagination can ground you just enough to turn your crazy idea into something that actually works.

    Check this out everything that could go wrong this week...well, you'll see how my events unfolded

    Monday, call terminix for flea control inside and outside of house, make appt for Friday morning. Started working on my homework assignment, its due by 11.59pm, almost done after 15 hours of continously working on the assignments, computer crashes, excel crashes, recovers only some of the data but not the formatting on the pages. Now first all I knew there would be a lot of homework but I didn't plan on 40 hours of school on top of the 60 hours I already work, this teacher doesn't seem to care. Ok, so I start over on my homework, piecing it together, saving them as individual problem sets instead of one big excel sheet - didn't trust excel again. Posted the pieces I had done by 11.59pm with explanation to teacher why not everything was done. Stayed up til 5am to finish it all.

    Tuesday, can't sleep, don't know why, everytime I drift off, I get up. At some point I was sleepwalking, I vaguely remember opening the front door but then stopped myself. I couldn't quite figure out where I was. Decided to stay home and work. Call plumber because toilet backed up again, first plumber doesn't show or call, called second plumber, finally he comes out  hours later, ok had to pee, really needed to pee and I couldn't use the toilet. Get stupid message from teacher, "next time could put them all in one sheet" confirms my theory that she doesn't actually read anything we write to her because if she had read it, she would have at least know why they weren't in one big excel sheet. At this point, I had 4 hours of sleep, still not tired...finally am able to sleep at around 2am

    Wednesday...total sleep in 3 days, 9 hours, get a phone call at 7.30am from one client, then another client that the server has crashed. Call my tech support guy, he can't leave from whatever he is to fix it, so I have to rush to the site to fix it. We talk on the phone, I'm unable to figure it out although I'd standing in a 105 degree server room thinking i'm melting and tired, why didn"t I wear shorts today. He calls another tech support guy to fix it, I have to wait for guy and was running out of stuff to do at the client's office, finally he gets there and I hear him telling my tech support guy the exact thing I just told him. Finally figured out that due to the heat, the cmos/motherboard default itself to factory settings and didn't recognize the raid5 drives..bizarre. Leave work, thinking finally I get to sleep but no, now we have a learning team assignment due, I almost forgot. I check the discussion board and find out everyone on my team wants to see what I come up because I usually have the correct answers and have been more helpful than the teacher...ok, yes, it good that'm smart but really so damn tired...now I have to figure out what the hell a bond payable is and what the carrying value means and how to calculate retirement of a bond early..who cares? And between the book and the teacher - neither one is very helpful in figuring out the assignments, we're on our own in this class...stayed up til 3am figuring it out, I actually didn't get home until 11pm

    Thursday - ok, good day, everything goes as planned except for lack of sleep, got up at 8am (yea, back to the lack of sleep theory...4 days and a total of 14 hours). First doctor appt, on time, mole removed, ouch, painful, drop off prescription to pharmacy, grab energy drink, go to second doctor, back to pharmacy, pick prescription, pick up assistant because her garage door wouldn't open, get to client, things go smoothly then the numbing medicine that they gave me to slice off that mole started to wear off and my arm starts to swell and throb, you'd think at this point, I'd go home and sleep but no, another assignment is due, couple of hours to finish that one. Sleep at 11pm...yea!!

    Friday, finally got 8 hours of sleep but its not enough after not sleeping all week. Terminix finally shows up, different guy who has no idea who I am or where he needs to spray, not his regular route. And get this, flea control inside the house consists of spraying the couch with something toxic that you have to leave the house for 5 hours and that's it...umm, that's not going to do it. So exactly why did the guy spend so much time in my bedroom if he couldn't do anything in there? And why didn't the tell me they couldn't do flea control inside the house, only on the outside. And the guy told me I should clean up that might help the flea problem and that was I sure I had flea bites maybe it was acne...pissed me off.  I called to complain and supposedly the manager was going to call me back, no one called. Switching service next week

    Toilet backs up again, I thought I'd save some money and get a new better plunger and a snake, doesn't work. Call plumber, they have to remove the toilet again and snake down the pipe.

    Sign up for scavenger hunt but didn't read fine print, the money if we win can only go to a nonprofit as a donation, does house of julie count? I could use a donation to tear up my sewer piple and fix it. Short version, the cast iron pipe that is the sewer connection under my slab is crumbling, the house keeps shifting and settling and the only thing holding it together is the dirt compacted on either side, everytime I use any drain in my bathroom, half of it seeps into the ground or up to the slab. I have to tear out my whole bathroom to fix the problem.

    Go get dinner, they get me the wrong sauce.

    Play with cat, get a bad cut

    Decided to launder my mattress pad and sheets in hot water and hot dryer to kill any potential fleas, dryer stopped working and its giving me a code to call for service.

    Of course, I can't go to my client's office because I had to wait for the plumber all day, toilet is working again but for how long this time?

    Tommorrow is another day, maybe with sleep, things will be better????? Maybe tommorrow the dryer will work?

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