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    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    One more thing, need to rave about...then I'm going back to work..

    Inko's White Teas - omg, the honeydew tea is delicious. And you can order online to be delivered to you if you can't find it anywhere. I've only found it at the health food store and I don't go there all the time. But now I can order online, so cool. And they have an energy drink that doesn't give you the wired jittery feeling, I've got to check that out. Check out their flavors page: Honeysuckle (that sounds delicious), Honeydew, Apricot, Blueberry (trying that in a few minutes), Mint, Cherry Vanilla, White Peach, Lychee and Energy.

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    Social Media Marketing with Izea. Who are they and want do they do? Lets start with basic - they own PayPerPost, that's where I get paid to blog and they also own Social Spark, another way to get paid for blogging. But in order to get people paid for blogging, they need advertisers that will pay for blogging and that's what they do, connect bloggers with advertisers, connect advertisers with social media networking/bloggers sponsored conversation campaigns. They also offer traditional display advertising and text links on blogs as well.

    They also have CloudShout, which I haven't explored quite yet but it looks like a place to connect in realtime blogsphere, it also looks like its in beta mode at the moment, you have to request an invitation to be added.

    And if you're an advertiser, you can go to each Izea property - such as PayPerPost or Social Spark and get the bloggers talking about you.

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    My new class, financial accounting, the teacher said she would be an interactive participant and one would assume that means she would be interactive but so far, I feel like she doesn't have time to be interactive or something. She hardly ever responses to anyone and when she does, its almost like, umm, we've all covered that subject, you're a little late to the game. Its like she's not really there as a participant. My last class, the teacher was great, she was a participant in the discussion, she cared about the discussion but this current teacher I don't know, people were irritated with her and probably still are. Although I think she likes me but I feel like I'm responding to alot of people's questions and she's not and isn't that her job? And when people ask a question about an assignment, she doesn't respond until its too late.

    Anyways, what I have learned from this class so far, not much in terms of accounting, this is one of my prerequiste classes just to make sure I understand accounting and I do it everyday, I get financial accounting. Although I have learned a little bit more on how to explain concepts to non-accounting people and the assignments were doing, I've either have already done them in the past or need to do them for clients so as I'm doing the assignments, my billable work is getting done.

    But what I've also learned, is that I could do a much better job teaching this class and be an active participant as a teacher. And once I get my master's degree, I can teach at the University of Phoenix. I would like to get my CPA license, that will help my business and I can charge more money for my services but I think now my ultimate goal is to be a teacher. That was the original dream way back when I got my English degree...and now I can do it online.

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    So back to that natural products for cats kick I'm on, this all started because I have a cat with severe asthma and the vet has her on injectable cortisone every 7 days, I want a natural way to control the asthma, get her off the cortisone which is hard on her body and making her listless, its not a good way to live for anyone.

    Anyways, I found this Barley Cat at the health food store and thought why not, lets give it a try, all the cats will do is not eat their food but its amazing the cats love Barley Cat and Mouse now is feeling frisky again, she's started to clean herself again or at least trying. The injections actually work much better now.

    It supports healthy digestion in cats, gives them energy and its all natural. It also seems to help boost their immune system.

    This place seems to have it cheaper than most: Organic Pharmacy. My only wish, is that it came in bigger bottles, with 4 cats and a daily dose, one little 3 oz bottle doesn't last very long.

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    so I've been trying to use all natural products to get rid of the fleas this year and I did try a few products until I found a tick on one of my cats. Ok, no more natural stuff, we need Frontline now!!

    What I don't get about natural products for cats is who is making this stuff? Definetly not a cat person. Don't this people know that cats don't particulary like getting sprayed with stuff, they don't like taking baths, rubbing them down with flea powder is not really an option, they clean themselves and ingest the powder. So how does one get a natural non pesticide flea remedy on a cat? They have natural flea remedy squeeze on for dogs why not cats?

    The cats don't particulary like frontline either, they don't like wet stuff being put on their skin, but they all seem a little happier today. And now they will have daily kitty inspections.

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    We are conditoned to our responses. What do I mean by that? Lets say for example that someone tells me that she received feedback from someone else regarding the way she said something and wanted to know my opinion on the response she got. With this particular person, my initial conditioned response was flight and defend. Why? Because that has always been the past behavior from this person, starting out with that kind of theortical subject and then telling me how she feels about what I've said. Now this time, she was asking my honest opinion and it had nothing to do with me but again with this person, I thought to myself, did I write something again here that made her feel bad? Oh shit, what did I write? Flight and defend response.

    Same concept with another particular person, my conditioned response is to get upset when she says something to me that affects me negatively. Although I am changing my conditioned response to just not respond at all until I'm away from that person but still its a learned response from past behavior.

    So how does one change the initial response? I have no idea. Whatever you're thinking, don't blurt it out? Really I have no idea, its just something that dawned on my a moment ago.

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