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    Friday, April 03, 2009

    Have you ever wondered how retailers can offer huge discounts on product but still make a profit off the item? They buy the product at cost and then mark it up to the consumer, if they offer a 50% off sale, they still make money because they bought it at cost not at retail pricing. Even places that sell used items, mark up their price. If they bought something for 150.00, then they mark it up and sell it for 250.00, its still lower than you're going to pay for a new one. So how do you get it at cost? Well, if you know the place they, they being the retailer, buys it from, then you could potentially get it at cost. Or you could become a member of Direct Buy. Direct Buy is a membership buying service and it has a membership fee. If you're interested in checking it out, here's a Free Pass, you'll get insider guide sent to you in the mail, you can go check out an open house and decide if Direct Buy is right for you.
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    you know you're tired when:

    1. you've been staring at "Painting Decorators" and keep wondering what it means
    2. you walk into the grocery store with three items you need and walk out with 10 things you didn't need because you couldn't remember why you went in there in the first place
    3. you fall asleep in the waiting room at the doctor's office
    4. you sit at the green light, waiting for it to turn green
    5. you walk into the house on Thursday night, thinking Thank God its FRIDAY (sucks when you realize its only Thursday and you still have to work the next day)

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    Ever wonder where you could get a hot pink bendi keyboard that lights up? Check out House of Cool, they have very cool gifts and gadgets. This is cool, Grow It Tea and Coffee Kit, you too can grow your own coffee and tea, image how much money you could save if you grew your own coffee..i wonder how does that work? And the Sun Jar, a must have for Mason because it made out of a mason jar, lol.

    The House of Cool is located in Rutland which I think is in England, so their prices are all in euros, so if you're in the US, got to remember to do your conversion for the pricing but in general their prices are really good, the bendi board is 29.35 euros or $39.35, even the prices are cool!

    Their website needs a little help, doesn't seem to match the coolness of The House of Cool (maybe they need a webdesigner? hire me!)

    Anyways, if you're looking for that cool gift or gadget, check out The House of Cool!!!

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