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    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    I love my new chiropractor, Dr. Stephanie. She's great and I no longer have pain in my legs, I can lift stuff again without hurting my back. I can sit and walk without pain. I feel great. I totally would recommend her to anyone that was interested in going to a chiropractor or had a chronic problem that western medicine just couldn't fix. I completely believe in the power of the body to heal itself.

    But what I don't like is all those flyers she keeps giving me to hand out to my clients or people I know or keeps telling me to read the stories. I believe it but I don't like pushy people. Most of my clients aren't going to drive to Concord to go to a chiropractor, I just don't see it happening, most of them don't even know where its at, anything across the bay bridge is too far and I not like that, I don't push my beliefs on other people except when I'm organizing their offices.

    And another thing I don't like is telling me that if I wear a skeleten on my back that I'm sending out negative vibes to people and my body, huh? Let me backtrack, I have a sweatshirt that has Social Distortion on it, I think a skeleten dancing and rose petals. I don't think its negative. I'm not a negative person. If you see something negative in the pictures, then you are the one experiencing a negative vibe, not I.

    And if she tells me one more time, just tell one person how you feel and how much better you feel. Just one person to come in and see what we do, just one person makes a difference. Tell your family and your friends, just one person. Its annoying. My family doesn't live close and my friends aren't interested or don't live close. So I'm telling you all here. I'm telling whoever reads it here, if you interested and can get past the annoyances. She's a wonderful doctor and has completely helped me.

    Dr Stephanie at Advanced Family Chiropractic Center (this link takes you to her husband's chiropractic business but she's on there too, me thinks she needs her own website..

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    as per the pay per post thingy, I can't slack off for very long and not write but I've been so busy lately that thoughts come into my head and fly right back out. I just stopped at the grocery store and for the life of me couldn't remember why I had stopped in the first place. I needed something but ended up getting pickles, an izze, reese peanut butter cups and oj. I'm pretty sure that's not what i needed.

    Lets see what have I been thinking about lately

    • Crazy dream about fleas in my nose
    • Need to write something down here and do a payperpost thing soon
    • Google Glitch - oh yea, I swear I took a screen print of it but I can't find it anywhere, I typed in my city and google told me it didn't exist except I don't remember what I was working on at the time
    • I realize that when I haven't talked to anyone all week and my mom calls that I need to listen more often and let her talk too.
    • Daniel's website - figure out the concepts
    • Oh yea, got a A- on my first class
    • Second class started admist a very busy week and its going to be time consuming
    • sleepy
    • cats have fleas but I don't want to use pesticides on them, so we're going the natural route but how come natual pet products all are spray on applications, don't they know that cats don't like being sprayed with stuff
    • still need to do my billing, pay my bills
    • still need to fix the computer
    • still need to do all the tax updates for everyone before tommorrow morning
    • i'm forgetting something...

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