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    Tuesday, March 03, 2009

    rearranging thoughts..3rd week into school and I still waited til the very last minute to do my paper and coming up with 1050 words of thoughts that was amazingly hard, I got to 888 and thought to myself whew, I'm done, only to find out I still needed 162 more words, what was I going to talk about, I think I covered everything now what and oh, I didn't realize this before hand, should have read through the syllabus but the company you pick for the first paper is the company you have to use through the class for assignments and I picked Cisco Systems, so I'm learning alot about Cisco and the human network. So 162 words, what to do with those, I finally figured out how to connect the thought of the human network with the social media network and here's those additional 162 words plus some

    The way we integrate technology and humans is through communication and collaboration, through the social networks of technology and team building, such as Cisco Edge Quest 2 Tournament (Cisco, n.d.) a web based video game that players pilot a Cisco train through different levels of an IP Network in order to not disrupt the network, not only does this encourage team building and communications within Ciscoís organization but also builds the social networking outside of Cisco Systems thus building the human network.

    Communication is changing, the way we communicate is changing through social networking whether itís through online discussion forums like we use in class or blogs or  Twitter or Facebook or through virtual worlds such as Second Life and we need new innovations to keep up with the change, we need people that are motivated to think of new ideas and people need leaders who can inspire them and challenge them, give them the power to change the way we communicate with one another.

    and I found a cool game in my research Edge Quest 2

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