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    Sunday, March 01, 2009

    I've had a horrible week with one particular client and his employee, especially when told me that she wasn't sympathetic to my need to get up and eat or go get coffee and why the hell did I leave before I finished the work. I bet she would have been upset with my need to get up and pee too every so often. I didn't actually leave, I took a break. I had been working non-stop on the design for 15 hours between her calling me every hour asking me when it was going to be done and what she could do to help, I finally told her to stop calling and micro-managing me and it might get done sooner but everytime I had to stop and talk to her, it was going to take longer. Then she called two hours later and said to do the eblast but could I first pull the contacts and make the master list - interesting that was her job not mine. If one could please stop changing one's mind every 2 hours, things in general would go alot faster.

    When I finally got it up, she called to tell me it was horrible, yelling and berating me, that I was an embarassment, telling me it was the most horrible thing she had ever seen and omg, people were going to be looking at it soon. First let me say, you send an eblast at 3pm on a Friday, most likely, 90% of the people aren't going to see it til Monday morning anyways. And how many of you actually click on the links to go to the website if you already seen the website? And she called me at 7pm, I'm pretty sure most people were gone for the day.

    What the hell? I was looking right at it, it was fine, great, exactly like she wanted it...come to find out about an hour later, when she called back that her browser on her laptop wouldn't clear the browser cache and she looked at in on another computer and it was ok. She never did say it looked great or that I did a good job. She did text me and told me that she hoped I felt better. Um, I felt fine. I was a little pissed off about being yelled at by her and she never saying sorry, it was her mistake. I did text her back and tell her that I would feel much better if I wasn't being yelled at constantly and it would be nice if someone admitted their mistake and said sorry.

    Now in retrospect, I should have stopped all the constant changing and just did the basic design but I thought we were waiting for a new layout design before sending the eblast and I didn't want to have to do the design twice. My thoughts on dropping them as a client for one reason: no one deserves to be yelled at or called names

    Another what would you do? Keep the client or drop them like a hot potato?

    so, an update...its called avoidance theory...I actually like working there especially when no one is around, so maybe its just juggling them like a hot potato or avoiding them for a week.

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