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    Wednesday, February 25, 2009

    oh yea, that reminds me next time one of my clients complain about not having any money, I'm so going to show them my bank balance - maybe it will shut them up? I'm amaze how one can say I don't have any money, when they have money in stock accounts, savings and money market accounts, multiples of each, several different checking accounts and yet, they don't have any money. huh? trust me, I don't have any money, really, I don't, barely going to be able to cover the mortgage this month and that horrible credit card bill I have - another story in itself, well, its just not going to get paid on time, oh joy, here come those phone calls....and yet, I'm not stressed, it will be ok....time for bed
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    while I like IE7 and the tabbed thing, this program is buggy and way too protected, I keep having to go into my security policies and disabling by enabling items left and right, weird why do I have to enable a command to disable it?

    Anyways was going to tell you all about Vista Print tonight but my IE7 keeps shutting itself down, I've had computer issues all day from my emails being blocked to IE7 shutting down, desktop disappearing and not able to login to my school because they were doing maintenance on the servers - you'd think they would redirect to a "pardon our dust for an hour or so" page but no and that continous beeping of my fireplace insert, that I think its just time for bed, anyways, good night. Maybe the computer will be happier in the morning..needs rest too

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