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    Sunday, February 08, 2009

    So I went to the Fox Theater Grand Opening Friday night to see Social Distortion, I got to see the first song and then left, I was in so much pain from my leg. Against two different doctors telling me to stay off my leg and my friend telling me to stay home, I still went, I wanted to see Social Distortion and I was thinking - I had seats, its not like I'd have to put pressure on my leg, I wasn't going to stand up in the general admission area. But what I didn't realize is that the balcony seats where up 4 flights of stairs and the seats - who exactly did they make those seats for? munchins? little tiny people? I don't understand how anyone was sitting comfortably in those seats, maybe they assumed that people would be drinking lots and lots of alcohol and not realize that they were squeezed uncomfortably in the tiny seats. My legs cramped up after about an hour of sitting, my knees where burning from the pain of being pushed up against the back of the row in front of me. The seats themselves were nice leather and brand new but I have more room in an airplane for leg room. I felt like I was a giant trying to sit in the balcony. I guess if you have short legs, it wasn't an issue but not all people are created equal and I think they should have allowed for more leg room in the reserved seating area.

    The Fox Theater was amazing, the decor and the detail were outstanding re-construction of another era gone past but it was hard to concentrate on anything since my leg was throbbing in more pain that I'm used too and the WesStaff people, some were very very nice and concerned and then there was this one little bitch that just wouldn't let me stand near the door to the general admission to hear the music, I just wanted to stand there for a moment and listen but she told me to move away from the door and told me to go back upstairs to my seat. Fuck no, I wasn't going to go back to that uncomfortable munchin seat, so I left. You know the amazing thing, you can hear the band outside the theater, I got to listen for a moment at one of the side entrances, that WesStaff person was nice, could see I was in obvious pain and let me stand there and listen for a moment.

    Moral - I guess if I'm ever go to the Fox Theater again, I'll make sure that I don't get reserved seating. Although at the moment, the reserved seating and the event staff doesn't particularly make me feel like ever visiting Fox Theater again. The Fillmore is a much better venue.

    (oh yea, if you're wondering what happened to my leg, I cut myself shaving, it got infected, I went to my doctor who prescribed Keflex - which apparently, I'm allergic too, she told me to stop taking it and wait and see if the pain got worse, it got worse, but she was closed, went to another doctor, he was incredibly concerned, moreso than my doctor was and prescribed an old school antibotic and told me to stay off my leg for a few days..moral of this story, time for a new doctor)

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