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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Omg, I told this guy that I had been talking to online and then on the phone that I didn't think we were compatible for a few reasons, one is kept calling me and calling me one night, woke me up a couple of times, geez, seriously call once, I'll call back when I'm not busy, I have a life, I might be busy, don't harrass me, its annoying and needy (apparently he was out drinking with friends and kept calling me - what is he like 20?)

    second reason and its a big reason, he asked me if I voted for Obama and then proceeded to tell me that Obama was a communist and he was to blame for the economy, umm, what?  (then he called back to tell me he didn't think we were compatible either - this was after I told him I didn't want to meet him - and he told me strike one against me was that I voted for a marxist/communist president and he figured that I was a communist/marxist - huh?)

    You would think this is the end of this right? Nope, he called again and said well, we really didn't know each other except via phone and email and online and we should give it a second chance - god no. He's way too needy for me and for that matter anyone that tells me I'm a communist, can go to hell.

    I can't even stand his voice, it makes me cringe but in order to get rid of this person, I'm going to call back tommorrow and tell him to stop calling me, I'm not interested period.

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    Waiting til the last minute to work on my paper, probably not the best idea.

    As I was researching Cisco, came across their blog, The Platform which is kinda of cool but what was really interesting to me was the piece on Robert Scoble, why was that interesting, because it someone I know through blogs, through this blog, in fact, never met him person, although he doesn't live that far away from me.

    The piece on Robert Scoble lead to another link, if you're laid off, how to socially network or in general how to socially network, how does one find more clients, social network. Its got some great tips for getting that dream job which I hope to implement soon here, for me I just need one or two more clients but if you out there looking, check out that link, its got ways to market yourself in this technology age through linkedin, twitter, facebook, etc..

    Writing my paper out here, doesn't seem to work, brainstorming yes, writing it out, not really.

    I don't like reading ebooks online.

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