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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    things I just don't get.

    I'm out of money, you know, you can see there isn't enough money coming in to pay the bills and yet, he's going to Paris for two weeks - how does one afford to go to Paris yet one doesn't have enough money to pay me? Priorities, I know, the bookkeeper isn't as important as Paris.

    My biggest client just dropped me and I'm going to have to make some changes here, I just can't afford anything, oh no, I'm going to go broke, i can't afford you. Ok, first calm down, it wasn't your biggest client, second, stop paying for everyone's food, airfare to see their parents, their tax returns, their life, if you don't pay for these things, they're not going to like you any less and third, you have plenty of money, check your savings accounts. And when I try to explain where to cut back, he's like no, I can't do that, they won't like me. They work for you, they don't have to love you and you don't have to pay for everything in their life. And why in god's name are you paying 1600/month for health insurance?

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