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    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    so for any of those that don't know and wonder where I might have disappeared to all week, I was blogging constantly there for a while and then sort got discombobilated (sp?). I started my master's degree and got busy with work again at the same time and the master's degree, wow, its hard, the first week is hard and I read the material and its not sinking in, I read a whole chapter last night and I have no idea what I read but anyways, someone was telling me that if I thought about it like I was writing here would it make more sense and yes, it completely would..so I'm going to try and least start writing out my paper here and see if I can make sense of it besides the whole concept of APA format and citations - huh?...on to the paper....update, so that thought process didn't work quite that well especially when I need to write a formal paper, brainstorming yes, writing it out formally, not so much..back to regularly scheduled blog

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