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    Sunday, February 01, 2009

    please please if you are reviewing a post, please look below. This is not the right one and was not given to you in the URL section of the opportunity. Please check below if you happened to scroll up here...scroll back down the page, because when I blog and post, it usually comes in waves of three. This is not your typical wordpress blog, it does not show the indivdual posts on individual pages. Now back to my regularly scheduled thought.

    I think I've been panicking and scared that my business is going to fail, that I will not have enough money coming in to make it through this recession but somehow I always make it, no matter what, I might have to cut out entertainment or maybe turn off the heat in the main part of the house but its almost early spring, so its going to be turned off soon anyways. I'm not going to be non-active in searching for new clients but I'm not going to panic anymore or be scared..

    I got the strangest call today regarding my ad in the paper, someone was asking me about my website design and did I design merchant services or ever use website pros and what kinds of programs did I use and when I answered her questions, she got all upset and hung up. In retrospective, I think it was another designer checking me out because why would a prospective client want to know what programs I used to design something?

    and Mason-bear, don't be sad.

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    with more and more people transporting data back and forth on USB keys/drive, there is an ever increasing continual need for data security. Why do employees need to transport data back and forth between one computer to the next anyways, I don't know why employees need to but as a consultant, its the easier way for me to transport my client's quickbooks data back and forth between their onsite computers and my offsite computers. I have several USB drives for each client and when they need to give me their backup data, that's how they give me files. However, there are risks to using unsecure USB drives, especially with those clients that don't have passwords on their accounting files. What happens if my purse is stolen or their briefcase is stolen? Then someone could easily get into their quickbooks files and their bank accounts and or credit card accounts. So what are the options available? Secure Mobile Solutions from SanDisk, a password protected USB Drive which has a secure password section of the drive and includes a lockdown mode when it it detects hacker-like behavior.  Other secure usb disk options are also available from SanDisk. So why use SanDisk USB drive instead of other flash drives out there? There business flash drives protects files and applications using hardware encryption and password protection. Secure Mobile Solutions not only makes it easier for the IT Administrators but also the employees or in my case, my job easier and more secure to transport data back and forth.

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    so other thoughts today, why why why must I keep having to tell PayPerPost staff how my blog works?

    The exact URL of a post is the exact URL of a post, there may be 3-4 posts on that same day and within that same page but the exact URL of

    1545 (http://radio.weblogs.com/0119318/2009/01/13.html#a1545) is different than

    1546 (http://radio.weblogs.com/0119318/2009/01/13.html#a1546) or

    1547 (http://radio.weblogs.com/0119318/2009/01/13.html#a1547).

    I can clearly see that those URLs above are three different numbers - can't you?

    Maybe they don't understand the concept of a numbered system like Radio but expand your mind, your concepts, not everything is setup like Wordpress where each post goes to its own unique page. Not every blog out there is wordpress or blogger, think a little, use your brain and see that the numbers are different. As like today, there will be at least 3 posts today on the same page and yet, they all will have different ending numbers.  (if it makes you feel any better, payperpost reviewers - don't scroll up or down, then you won't see the other posts on the page)

    12:08:07 AM    comment [] trackback []

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