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    Thursday, March 05, 2009

    A client fired me from their website design maintenance and then turned around and asked me to fix a link

    I was looking at the website and noticed that the NARI link on the xyz Residence is linked to the wrong page.  It should be linked to this page:http://www.sfbanari.com/award_gallery06.html  Could you make that fix when you have a moment?

    and my response because to them:

    Technically, I'm no longer your website designer but I fixed it
    Any additional changes and fixes, I'm sorry, I'm no longer the website designer and I don't think its fair to ask me to change anything else.


    I'm not going to be a push over with this, I'll give just enough information that they need but I'm not giving up my code. I fixed it because I was in their site adding my design copyright text to the pages. I want their new guy to see, this is my code and there is a copyright on the code.  I didn't use the previous person's design, I redesigned the site from her layout but I didn't use her code. To me, that's like stealing her design and that's not cool.

    And when I dropped off all the stuff today, the new designer was there and there wasn't even an acknowledgment that I was in the room except raised eyes from a couple of people, like oh no, why is she here right now. It like the elephant in the room that no one want to deal with.

    And I guess this new guy has 7 years experience developing websites, umm, the elephant in the room has over 18 years experience, but I'm not stupid and someone that you can walk all over, maybe that's the difference

    I'm so beyond annoyed with this client. I can't stand looking at them or dealing with them anymore, I just want this relationship over period - all aspects of it: the bookkeeping, the website, the IT, I just want an end to this relationship. I'm just sick with the thought of it all.

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