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    Monday, March 02, 2009

    I've been working with this woman, Cait on a project and yet I never quite knew exactly what she did, the client didn't want us discussing the project alone without them being in the middle of it and I think keeping me in the dark was the power of control that they think they have in this world and yet, something about this woman intrigues me, maybe its because she's just a confused as I am on what the client wants but keeping me in the dark only sets to intrigue me more, why is this woman such as big secret, why is who she is and why she does for living such a position of control for them? Don't they know better, I have the power of the internet in my hands and I can figure out who she is and now I understand why she intrigues me so, we are so much alike in our thinking of this world, she has many more years of experience but she understands the equlibrium of time and space and creating and listening to the universe. She has an old soul and maybe that's what is drawing me towards her despite the clients need for power and control, this woman draws her power from the rocks and listens with an open mind and believes that nothing is impossible.

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    I need to update some of my links but in the meantime, just notes for myself and as much as I try to separate out the business from the personal site, its still me writing whether it here or on the newsletter blog which as of matter of fact probably doesn't get all that much traffic since I'm here writing..and its so much easier to just open up this window and write, although I do like wordpress features, it would be an amazingly daunting task to move this site over to a wordpress site, not something I'd even think about unless radio userland just stop being and that hasn't happened yet. So what was my thought here, oh yea, business marketing links


    Duct Tape Marketing

    Small Business Trends

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    Thank you cards, how often have you wanted to go with something new and fresh and not the same old same old thank you cards. Do you have your own design but think its way too expensive to go to a printer and have them done or you went to a printer and that printer messed up your design? I used to go to BPS for my printing needs, not anymore and I could never quite exactly figured out why they couldn't trim to edge but then again they're not a graphics print production company, lesson learned but back to the Thank You Cards. Vista Print has everything from Thank You Cards to Free Business Cards to Premium Business Cards to Mailing Labels, everything you could possibly need for to help you with your next design project or help market your business identity. And they are comparable in price to the little print production place you know and love and sometimes are alot cheaper than that little print production place you use because of the bulk pricing.  You can create your own design and upload it or choose from one of their many designs. They even have those car door magnets and yes, you still upload your own design which is great because I want one for each side of my car - one for website and one for bookkeeping or maybe I should just do window decals, I'm not sure about the car magnets disappearing when I'm parked in the city. Anyways, whatever your printing needs are, Vista Print is the way to go.
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