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    Wednesday, June 10, 2009

    A newbie tip on SEO and SEO Consultants - what do they do?

    Thinking about consolidating all my blogs to one location because in essence SexyMagick, Chaotic Cancellation, Julie Wiggins, Shimmering Energy, Whispercave and Combine-Elements are all the same person and its incredibly hard to keep up with so many different blogs and thoughts, one is for business, one is for general info, one is to play with concepts, etc..while working full time and going to school full-time. How many of you use www.sexymagick.com as the URL and not the strange radioweblog number? And I use SexyMagick now as a location for clients to check out what a blog can look like and while for me, Radio is incredibly easy to make themes and my own designs, WordPress has widgets and tags and fun things to play with and it saves my drafts as I'm writing, unlike Radio if my IE decides to stop working, I've lost my thought, which is why I'm now writing this in notepad first.

    You're probably wonder what does this have to do with SEO and what is SEO anyways.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means basically that its the process of bringing people to your website.

    An seo consultant is like your marketing guru for your website. Your website designer can be your SEO Consultant but there are some people that specialize in SEO marketing and don't do website programming.

    But what do they do, give me an example? Well, for an example with me, the seo consultant would start with learning my business objectives and my marketing concepts and come up with a plan of attack. They would do a comprehensive website analysis and give me a baseline report. They would check my content and copywriting and do an analysis. They would analysis of the HTML and layout and linking architecture. And then recommend modifications as needed and submit website to search engines and web directories, optimize the website structure per the client's business objectives, writing press releases as needed.

    How much do they charge? Some charge about 200.00 per hour, some have a requirement of a monthly budget fee. I've seen some that charge 4000/month for their services.

    Is it worth hiring an seo consultant instead of just letting my website designer do it? Depends on a few things, does your website designer include that in their services? What is your buget like?

    Would I hire an seo consultant? probably not, I'm one of those designer that actually does it but then again, maybe I might because I'm horrible about doing my own designs and I don't really market my business or blogs. And any SEO consultant that I hired would really have to understand my scattered thoughts, might be a challenge.

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